In this feature, we catch up with Anthony, fondly known as Tinny at the Studio on a quick Q&A session.

Why did you join Hammerplay?

I came to know about the developer position at Hammerplay. They had a programmer who is basically a legend, a visionary producer, a kick ass programmer, an artist from one of the leading VFX studios along with a lot of other gaming muscle the company needed. A team like that ensured the quality and variety of games we will be working on. It was more than enough to get me roped into the company.

What do you do at Hammerplay?

I’m a programmer here and usually spend my time on a lot of different things  such as tweaking player physics, implementing animation and their transitions, tweaking player movement, implement a new UI based off of a design for example. It’s very exciting at this stage in the project and very interesting to work on so many different parts of the code. It’s all programming in C# though.

Why did you want to work in the games industry and how did you get started?

I always wanted to work with computers. Programming which seemed so complex yet so interesting was what brought me closer to it. But my education was not in line with my aspirations and the first job i got into was so monotonous, erratic and knowledge – less. So I quit; and then when I came to know that creating games involved programming I was hooked. I began learning game programming, 3D concepts and a year later the next thing i knew i was working on a game.

What was your first gaming experience?

I remember bunking tuition classes to play games at a gaming center. It was the most exhilarating experience i had. Some of the first games i played were Road Rash,Street Fighter 3 and Raw is war. I got to play more games only at a later stage in life. Since this is the first time you are working in the games industry how has your journey in it been so far?Awesome is what it is. I had no idea of how addictive working on games would be. As a newbie in the Industry, I found out that a lot of learning and creativity goes into making games and i have not even started to scratch the surface.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not at work?

I am a DIY guy. Apart from doing the laundry, If i have some free time i make sure that it it is occupied with making something. Other than that I play games. You can find me playing Team Fortress and Counter Strike often.

What types of games do you like, and what’s your favorite game of all time?

I play games of all genres but i am partial to First Person Shooter and Story Driven Games. Favorite Game? I can’t decide on one since each one gives me a unique experience. Some of my favorites: Team Fortress 2, Counter Strike, Left 4 dead 2, Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, Revelations and Crysis.

Favorite Games:

Team Fortress 2, Counter Strike, Left 4 dead 2, Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, Revelations and Crysis.


There are a lot. Some of them :Lord of the Rings, All Marvel Movies , Pixar and Disney’s Animated features, The Matrix and Whiplash

TV Shows:

Game Of Thrones, Arrow, Flash, Daredevil.


Ed Sheeran, System Of a Down, Eminem, Linkin Park, AC DC.