The Studio


Who are we?

At Hammerplay, we forge fun! We are a new breed of developers with a vision of creating the best games and content through independent and self-organized teams- one of its kind in the Indian games Industry.  As an Independent game developer we position creative liberty and autonomy above everything which as a result allows us to produce some of the best content imaginable. We are quick, agile and take radical approaches at development; never ceasing to try newer ideas.

With a great work culture and a class leading team of artists and programmers we have quickly garnered global attention for the quality content we have been producing.

The studio is currently ramping up development on various game titles for international publishers and studios and is in the middle of producing exciting original games to be announced soon!

Our goal is to be the best in class Independent Studio producing games and experiences that are very unique in nature.

What's it like here?

At Hammerplay we offer an extremely friendly and  a super casual working environment – something we truly believe in. Every member here shares a deep passion for video games, art and tech and that really shows in our daily work. Our work-space betters collaboration since the entire development team is in one large space, which keeps everyone completely accessible. We have setup a cosy studio where aside work one can play console games, take a nap in our bunk bed room, fire a movie or VR game in our in-house mini theater, play ping pong,even do a 3D print of a model or simply kick back in the couch. There’s always enough to have fun at Hammerplay.

This welcoming atmosphere doesn’t stop at the Studio doors either. We regularly get together for a variety of Inhouse events, including monthly ‘All Night’ LAN gaming and Game Jams. We also have regular company events, including Birthday parties which is fondly called as “Treats’ at the Studio.

Finally, at Hammerplay we only look at offering careers and not just another job to put on resumes. We ensure that everyone here is the given the required resources to grow based on their abilities and interests. 

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AV Room

The Hammers

We call them “Hammers’. The Rock Stars behind all the greatness and madness we create! We are a tightly integrated team comprising of supremely talented individuals with different facets. We are very passionate about Video games and love Action figures, Movies, Animated Shorts, Music and of-course delicious Indian Food and South Indian Filter Coffee that keeps a lot of us going all the time!

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