We are always on the look out for talents who can add value to our team. Most of us don't work by roles, so we never publish what roles we hire and you can read a blog about it here.

Before you apply, here are some tips and tricks that will help you get hired in any game-dev studio. There would usually be three major roles you can apply for at any given Studio.

  1. Programmer

  2. Designer

  3. Artist

  4. Super Human (usually only relates to us. This is someone who can defy laws of game development and pretty much can handle anything!)

Lucky for us, Extra Credits has done some great videos on these topics. Do check those out and subscribe to Extra Credits, they have some really cool stuff about the gaming industry. So a big thanks and shout out to the guys at Extra Credits!

general tips

  • Best work goes first! Do not showcase all your work, just the ones that are related to the area you're applying for, and only the good ones. Quality > Quantity.

  • Concise cover letter or introduction about yourself and why you want to work with us.

  • Upload/E-Mail resume in PDF format, it makes all our lives easier!

  • Resume shouldn't be more than two pages (Infact we wouldn't mind there isnt a resume. What matters is you and your work!)

Please note that there isn't a concept of HR at Hammerplay and hence we might take a while to get back, so should you experience a delay in hearing back from us, apologies in advance!

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