We are a premier Independent Game Development Studio based out of India focused in developing unique and original games across various platforms


External Development

We develop multi-platform games for International Studios and Publishers. Usually various ideas and concepts !

Game Development

Game Development on PC/Mobile platforms.  Various genres, hell yeah !


At Hammerplay, we place culture above the actual work we do. It is the core of our functioning as an independent studio; it is what we often preach, practice and iterate across. It enables us to have that much needed creative liberty and space; work with each other without any formal barriers and bond like school kids. We are also a radically different studio with a greater emphasis on flat team structure eliminating the need for leads and supervision offering a new level of control. And after all where else you get to be wearing T-shirts and Flip flops to work!

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4 Years - Yay!

We finish 4 years as of this September and the ride keeps getting better for us! We take this moment to thank each of our clients/partners continuing to work with us and more importantly believing in us. Of-course we cant be pulling this without our beloved team members and their family and a special shout out and thanks goes to them! Upwards and Onwards!

Tiny Army - New update

Our top performing game Tiny Army on the Jio games just got even better. We updated the game with new characters, battlefields and weapons and it has made the game even more cooler. The updated game is up on the store - check it out today! Here is the new game trailer!

Quick Racing and Tiny Army Featured on the store!

Two of our games - Quick Racing and Tiny Army are featured on the Jio games store. They are already on the top charts with millions of sessions daily! Check them out now!

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Announcing our Games lineup on Jio Phone

We are extremely excited to announce a roster of our games launching on the Jio Phone. We have partnered with Reliance Jio to bring a great deal of games to their top selling smart feature phone. Five of our games are live now on the Jio Games store some of which are already on the top played charts and we are currently working on a few more games to be announced soon! Check our games out on the Jio Phone today!

Choices - Stories you play

We are very delighted to work with Pixelberry Studios in creating some great Artwork for their hit Mobile title 'Choices - Stories you play'. Check it out on Google Play and the App Store. There is a very good chance you should see our work in there!

Home Deco Art

We recently did a bunch of Art assets for a popular iOS game.  The user would be decorating and upgrading their spaces and we took on the job of transforming a not so good looking Bathroom into a luxurious space.  We thought we will toss them into Unity and throw some lights in there inorder to present them better. This is in-fact how they would ideally look in the game. Here are some beauty shots (real-time ofcourse!) All assets are super lowpoly with super-low res textures!

One of those experimental characters we did - we call em 'Sloppy Soldier'

Sloppy Soldier.jpg


One of those offbeat or call it unconventional games we built in the recent times for a leading brand's campaign on Snapchat. Nothing fancy here, just a good old fashioned 'catch em as they drop' game but done with a nice retro theme. Legend says the game was consumed by millions of users on snapchat when the campaign was live a few months back! Trust us we couldnt play the game ourselves over snapchat due to geographical restrictions !

 You can check out the game here   http://eggdrop.hellmanns.com/

You can check out the game here


Character Art

Some incredible stylised game characters we did in the past for various games. Rendered realtime in Unity3D.

3D Interactive Game Rides

We did a whole lot of highly detailed characters and levels for this one of kind interactive 3D ride experience. Check it out!


An experimental character we were working on for a while - our rendition of Arjuna from the Indian Epic! (Realtime preview in Marmoset viewer)

 Arjuna's Sculpt  We aimed for a clean and bold design without too much of that 'overdone' design

Arjuna's Sculpt

We aimed for a clean and bold design without too much of that 'overdone' design


One of those first bunch of characters we did for an unannounced Mobile title - close to our hearts!

Aztec Warrior

A cool Character we made for a PS4 title a while back - here is a real time showcase from Marmoset Viewer!

Lizzie Borden

The legendary Lizzie Borden Character reimagined in our prototype - Click play and give it a spin!


A tomb from the Lizzie Borden title !


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