Culture and best minds!

So we are off to a great start and in other words- so far so good! We have managed to tie in a small yet passionate group in art and programming! We have been having so much fun at work and continuing to do so amidst the load of work we handle. The journey though technically has just begun and has millions of miles to go, has been rewarding so far from many aspects. The first of the aspect being – building a great team! It’s these individuals who we value to the core. There is so much inspiration and learning every day that you almost want to record, document each of them!

Asking ourselves what are we up to – well, we want to be this studio which is ‘all about culture’ at work, almost blurring the line between work and fun. Yes it is super tiring and hard to create a compelling game and we are no exception to those. Yet we strive hard not to approach our daily agendas from a work attitude where they can get mechanical and rather approach them as opportunities to prove ourselves and excel!

We are all about individuality at work and the amount of control we would like each of our folks to have at what they do. Feel like walking away from the workstation and play a round of darts or even take a nap ?– yes please! Or lets do a round of TF2 and then get back to what we were doing? Yes again! No questions asked what so ever. This element of liberty sows in an equal amount of greater responsibility too where each of us are off to something specific and focused! And to produce something outstanding, we need the minds to be free from top down pressures, something that is typically inserted in Indian work environments and we have practically witnessed such pressure getting exerted even in the game industry here.

So what do we believe in and practice? ‘Get the best minds on board, give them the tools, resources they need and watch them do the Magic!’ Or in our language- ‘Watch them Hammer!’