Crazy marathons and Race to GDC!

So we are not talking about the real 10k marathons here! Its the marathons we do at work where we are racing towards the piling deadlines we have on our heads! We are at the moment juggling a variety of game projects (yes as though we can talk about it) keeping all of us more than busy. We are looking to leave a mark this time with all the various meetings we have scheduled and scheduling at GDC. We are in the middle of putting together our first ever demo of our internal IP we are trying to show off to potential publishers at the event. At this point we are not terribly worried about the consequences of the demo- whether the gentlemen seeing this will like it or not – but this one has become infectious within our studio and the boys are giving their best to get this done and hopeful that it turns out well! Its after all our own baby, right!

Aside this, we still need to keep our service customers happy on a whole bunch of deliverable. High quality output in short span of time- hell yeah !

For the next 10 odd days- welcome to the land of sleepless nights!