Hilarious Facebook Wall Hijacks!

This has become quite a phenomenon at the studio and we call it the Facebook wall of shame.

Here is how it works. Guys at the studio look for (sometimes pray for) some one to leave their desk with Facebook still logged in. In most cases they get a brief time of say 5 min and in some cases they get as good as an hour.  The team gathers up and comes up with the best possible/funny theme and then starts the photo-shopping. The themes are mostly regional with a lot of local context for that extra doze of fun. The idea is not to make it realistic or anything, just good old bad photo shopping that we use to see back in the days.Once photoshopped the images are posted with a totally serious enough post as though posted by the user themselves.  (We heard you! Of course this is a violation of ones privacy but this is also the prize paid by the team whose bonding is above everything else where they are totally cool with these!)

The result is something that needs to be experienced first hand and are outright hilarious!  No one is spared in this endeavor and every ones some how ends up getting their turns.The sheer embarrassment coupled with the fun is enjoyed by every one.

The best part is the responses to the comments are posted from the same account making it totally legit !

Our guys have their favorites when it comes to the wall of shame and some times the same target gets shot down multiple times.  Harish, our programmer particularly is every one’s darling here. You should find him on the first 2 posts with some great transformations.

The recent posts have been getting even better with animated GIFs taking the action to the next level. There are still some guys who are yet to come under the radar and have been dodging the line of fire for a while. The team’s hoping that they will be caught sooner or later and when they do, its going to be fireworks for them.

Here are some snippets from the wall of shame for you all to have a hearty laugh at.  Scroll through below – you might wanna grab a pop corn!