Power of Internships


In recent times we have been seeing a sudden surge in the number of internship application we typically receive and we thought it would good idea to address this topic. Internships are a great way to gain exposures which otherwise is hard especially if its just through institutions. Many students overlook this area and often shy away. In most cases there is a compulsion or a mandate from the institutions that they need to go for a internship program which otherwise wont grant them the grades. That unfortunately becomes the single most reason why students approach for Internships. Internship as opposed to a common notion is a full time job itself and needs to be handled like one. Its as good as any one who is working full time for a game development studio – which means there has to be a great deal of commitment and focus.

At Hammerplay we are very particular about Internship programs and value them highly. This is one of those reasons why we pretty much have the same set of procedures to bring onboard an intern as hiring a experienced individual. The benchmark is always set higher and this would inspire students and make them long for more. Internships when done in the right manner gives you the perspective and confidence to handle the industry. We have had Interns from completely different Industries who moved onto Game industry to pursue their passion and were quite successful with the programs and now working as professionals.

Internship is a great boost pad to kick off your career but is also a treadmill that demands you to keep running. The speeds only increases and never goes down for the initial phase. This is where all the aggressive leaning lies. You learn and experience things which you have either not come across or barely saw in your institution curriculums (in most cases you wouldn’t even had heard of stuffs that you experience in real time) You cannot afford to slow down during your Internship program and must use every hour and day to jump onto the opportunities.

So what makes a good Intern and how should one prepare ?

Remember the line above that says 

Its as good as any one who is working full time for a game development studio

Well, its that. A good art/design/programming intern is essentially a starter version of a good Artist/Programmer/Designer. Brimming with potential and ready to learn anything and everything thats thrown their way. Of course without overdoing things. Since its the first step to a real job you can do in the Industry, the preparations levels are higher. Having a professional portfolio no matter what is super critical. We receive a ton of applications that doesnt even have subject or portfolio attachments and you can imagine where they land up. This blog post aptly talks about that. So lets skip that part.  

Lets get down to business and bullet the points out!

  • Have a presentable portfolio – applies to all Art, Programming, Design
  • Be precise on what Intern you want to be – we often see candidates who say they are applying for programming but say they can also sketch,design and write stories – Our reaction is a big NO!
  • Be professional in every approach – right from writing to a studio, to meeting with them for an interview and when working with them. It matters the most! This is exactly where you are judged.


Remember Robert De Niro in the Intern movie ? Well thats what you need to be – of course the Business Suit isn’t necessary !

  • Work doesn’t come to you .You get it to it! – Yes things are not always handed out in a platter.  Although at Hammerplay at times it does so happen that we run into interns and have them take on stuffs ! Thats pure luxury for an Intern believe us !
  • Keep looking for opportunity ships – when you see one jump onboard and sail the best you can!
  • Engage with everyone at the studio, the more you mingle both at the work and otherwise, the more the learning and building rapport. 
  • And like always play a ton of games (or atleast watch them – its easy!)

Internship is also a double edged sword which needs to be handled with care. Never the less its a very powerful weapon!