Yet another Mad rush to GDC!


Its yet another mad rush towards GDC this year. This super short post should give an idea of how limited we are on time at this point!

The best and worst part is that we are always pre-occupied right before the GDC week balancing all sorts of deliverables. We would be literally seen hopping in and out of stuffs from delivering the existing/committed milestones to clients on several games, putting together demo builds, portfolios, presentations for the GDC week. All of guys would be seemed pumped up juggling multiple deliverables pretty much at ease during these times. This time we are super occupied delivering Beta on a large game and series of milestones for another large game(s)/client, amidst various other regular deliverables.

Nevertheless we are very much looking forward to the show and all the meetings we have lined up with so many cool developers/publishers. A lot of our inhouse IP is still being driven behind closed doors (waiting to be literally announced) and we are showing some glimpses/demos of that at our meetings (damn we cannot talk about it yet!) We are just hoping that all the hard work that our teams have been relentlessly putting in pays off and that we build our studio to the next level. In that sense this year’s GDC is pretty important for us.

Here is to another great show (well, hopefully!)

Phew, back to work!

Image courtesy – GDC!