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Game Development

A sneak peak at some of the external development titles we have been working on. There is a lot more but we are limited to what we can show 



Shuffle Bowling

Publisher- Bspot

Platforms: Web, iOS, Android

With bSpot Shuffle Bowling, you can almost feel the nostalgia emanating from the screen.  Crafted after the classic shuffle bowling arcade machines of the 1950’s. Shuffle Bowling puts you right back when Elvis was King and the Edsel ruled the open road!


Air Hockey

Publisher- Bspot

Platforms: Web, iOS, Android

A fast paced Air Hockey game played against a tough AI. Simple, slick and fun!

Currently in works and to be released soon (when its done!)



Platforms – PC, Mobile

The classic sokoban game remade in this rapid prototype with a farm theme where you need to move the hay bundles onto the destination markers. Packs some Mind Bending puzzles !



Platforms – Snapchat, PC Browser

One of those offbeat or call it unconventional games we built in the recent times. Nothing fancy here, just a good old fashioned catch the eggs as they drop game but done with a nice retro theme. Legend says the game was consumed by millions of users on snapchat when the campaign was live a few months back! Trust us we couldnt play the game ourselves over snapchat due to geographical restrictions !