Remembering great Levels!

Remembering great Levels!

There is something about these great games - especially the ones that leave a strong memory foot print and keep resonating in your head after you complete them. Their world is so compelling that they easily swallow you in and make you part of that world. Well, in simple terms they are so immersive! I believe it has to do with the compelling atmosphere the developers create, specially the level designers,an area that is extremely critical to success of any game - be it Single player or Multiplayer. I wanted to capture a few of those memorable levels that I can still imagine or think off till date and they are my obvious favorites. While there are a handful, I wanted to write about a few specific ones in this post.

How I am almost stopping to play Modern Shooters!

How I am almost stopping to play Modern Shooters!

I have been playing shooters for a while now - around 12+ years or so I guess. Not that I would claim myself a pro here but when tasked I can deal a decent load of kills. I have also been giving a shot at the recent ones like Overwatch, Battlefield and such and for some reasons, never grew a fan of them like I did with the ones from good old days. I also started to wonder whether it was me who suddenly became a tad older and couldn't catch up with the new gen stuff.

Why we dont publish roles we hire!

When you visit our website you will most certainly notice that we dont have a section called Careers in the menu and you might really wonder why. While we do hire talents like other studios, we dont quite publish roles in the site. 

Power of Internships

In recent times we have been seeing a sudden surge in the number of internship application we typically receive and we thought it would good idea to address this topic. Internships are a great way to gain exposures which otherwise is hard especially if its just through institutions. Many students overlook this area and often shy away.

Journey Begins

Woohoo! We finally got our official Facebook page setup, Did you know that you need at least 25 likes to get an URL from Facebook, well now you know.

If you’re all wondering what we are, we’re a humble startup game studio based in Chennai, India. Our company might be a startup but our small elite team are made up of veterans from the industry, tested, proven and ready to kick ass. We’ll soon update the team page in our website, more on that later.

Our motto is simple, make high quality video games, no rip offs, no VFX projects, no bloated team, no cheap gimmicks and no unnecessary management politics. That’s right! we follow agile methodology and like to keep it that way.

So what games we’re making? games that we would love to play. Our team also happens to be gamers, so we’re making it a point to play games in our studio, so far just board games, Track Mania and Counter Strike, we might start with Team Fortress 2 in the coming weeks. We strongly believe that creativity is equated to the experiences we have, so no constraints.

That’s all the information we can give right now. Stay classy and stay tuned.